Lama Consultation

If you are facing personal or spiritual issues, a consultation with Gangkar Samdup Lama could help alleviate your worry and provide an alternative perspective to your situation. Lama is known for giving practical advice, and where necessary, he also uses dice divination based on the traditional Tibetan Buddhist practice of “MO”. From the divination, Lama sometimes advises that certain prayers (pujas) or particular rituals be performed.

The consultation participants can choose to have these prayers and rituals done at GSBA Center. If these are not available at the temple, we can also help to arrange for the prayers to be conducted at affiliated temples overseas. Usually costs involved would include making offerings to the monks and nuns performing the ritual.

Alternatively, consultation participants can also make their own arrangements for the prayers to be conducted.



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** To Note:

1. Our volunteer community members will take approximately 3-7 days to responds to your online request. We seek for your kind understanding. 

2. All Ceremony and Blessing will be conducted by our In-House Lama.  

3. Transportation need to be provided or any requisite that required for certain ceremony to be prepare by requestor.  

4. Contribution of Merits to be alias with our Centre Chairman. 

* For Urgent Request - Please kindly contact our Chairman, Mdm Joey K.K @ gangkarsamdup@gmail.com or 98309347


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