Most Mahakala are bodhisattvas or buddha, meaning that they are embodiments of compassion that act in a wrathful way for the benefit of sentient beings. Mahakala have taken a vow to protect Dharma and assist practitioner as how a mother cherishes her children.

General, there are various types of Mahakala, who hold their own exceptional characteristic to protect and help others in various ways such as providing fortune, recovering from illness, pacifying interference, overcoming difficulties and so forth. The main task of Mahakala is to fulfill the four enlightened activities, such as pacifying interference, increasing favorable circumstances, gaining control over situations and destroying obstacles with wrathful force. Thus, Mahakala Puja is effective and power to dispel one’s obstacle as well as to increase favorable conditions.

Mahakala Puja is also performed to help remove all kinds of obstacles in our daily lives such as obstacles in our work place, in the family cycle and in the business environment.






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